Проект Rapoo Whale

Rapoo Whale



In spring of 2013, the Rapoo brand – a manufacturer of wireless PC devices – entered the Russian market. To attract attention to its products the company decided to organize a promotion in the MEGA shopping mall. Interactive augmented reality on the big screen was chosen as a technological solution.

Target audience: B2C, visitors of the shopping mall, media.


The main character of this AR project - Rapoo whale - was created as a symbol of freedom and motion, which reflects the main advantage of Rapoo wireless technology.

Eight different scenarios of the whale animation were designed and modelled including a variety of jumps from and into the water, turns, jumping onto a rock and an original whale dance in the water.

AR Studio was installed in one of the halls of the shopping mall. While the interactive system in was inactive, a screen saver was demonstrating three models of wireless devices from the Rapoo brand and a swiming whale on the background.

To activate the presentation a user should have stood on the floor marker in front of the screen. Up to 10 people could comfortably stand on the marker and interact with the Rapoo whale.

As part of the two-day promo campaign quizes and contests were held several times a day where visitors could win Rapoo devices. By the end of this promotion a viral video was shot and launched on youtube.