Проект Moscow - Territory of Development

Moscow - Territory of Development



For the international Moscow Urban Forum 2018 Moscow Construction Complex prepared a real exhibition hit! A number of highly professional expert teams were involved into the implementation of this unique multi-screen interactive installation for an expo floor that was not originally designed for these purposes. 

By the power of collective mind (BSB Agency, EligoVision and Das Verk companies) all the “shortcomings” of the exhibition space, such as low ceilings and thick columns, were turned into advantages.

Target audience: visitors of MUF-2018, leading foreign and Russian urbanists, economists, architects, entrepreneurs, media.


This multiscreen system included 5 main LED-screens of different sizes, as well as cylindrical screens on the columns. Colored beams ran through the floor between the columns (LED strips were mounted in the podium). Their color changed depending on the selected scenes on the main screens. In the splash screen mode, a panoramic video designed by our partners from Birdlife Production was broadcasting on a multiscreen system.

The main interactive presentation developed by EligoVision included 10 themed videos, including metro development, road construction, metropolitan parks, the territory of the New Moscow, renovation program and others.

The user himself chose the plots for demonstration using one of the four control tablets and a mobile application specially developed for this installation. Each plot was associated with "its" screen. At the same time, the corresponding background images appeared on the 4 remaining screens.

This installation attracted immense attention of the MUF 2018 visitors, including the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin.