Проект Unique Professions of Kamchatka

Unique Professions of Kamchatka



Kamchatka is a magical land that offers many unique professions which don't exist in other regions of Russia. Shall one want to try on a profession of a volcanologist or an ichthyologist, a geologist, a reindeer herder or maybe a volunteer in the unique Kronotsky Reserve - Kamchatka has it all. And it was demonstrated in an innovative format on the interactive surface. 

Target audience: visitors of "Days of the Far East" exhibition in Moscow in 2018.


The installation itself is the interactive projection onto a vertical wall.

The main menu was designed in the form of a flower, each petal of which corresponded to one of the unique professions of Kamchatka, 6 in total. When tapping on a petal a cute animational charater appeared showing the backbone idea of each profession. A visitor could also examine relevant slides, pictures and textual information with 'pros' and 'cons' as well as pointing out the employers' geographical location on the interactive map of Kamchatka. The map was 'live' too: the volcanoes "smoked" and erupted from time to time, the whales swam past the peninsula.

The additional “feature” of this installation was the possibility to vote for a chosen profession. The voting results were immediately displayed in real time on the interactive wall, showing the distribution of professional preferences of the booth visitors. The most popular one turned out to be the one of a volcanologist

The content was programmed in our AR/VR toolkit - EV Toolbox Advanced.