Проект Orange AR Calendar

Orange AR Calendar



Business etiquette considers business gifts as a way to express appreciation: to customers - for loyalty, to partners - for mutually achieved results and strong business relationship. High-quality souvenirs have long turned into effective marketing tools: by presenting them one can strengthen business connections with suppliers and partners, interest and amaze customers and enhance the company's positive image. 

Orange Business Services company made a truly remarkable gift for its customers by the end of 2014. The combination of original ideas from the Dezza deisgn studio and EligoVision team expertise in augmented reality resulted in a unique AR calendar - "Beyond Borders"!

Target audience: Orange company customers.


To plunge into the augmented world a user should download and launch a mobile application called "Orange AR 2015"  and then direct the gadget's camera to the pages of the AR calendar.

Each month has its own designers theme as well as related virtual objects that appear onscreen. Following the instructions written on the calendar pages as well as reading the augmented prompts on the screen, a person enjoys augmented reality hidden tricks: one can tickle an owl or see and then hide a smile of a mysterious Cheshire cat, catch a mischievous muse or play snowballs, find out if a glass is full or empty and light a Christmas tree.

The script was developed in a short time, all the necessary design and programming work was carried out quickly to make dreams come true by the New Year's eve.

Eventually the tasks that Orange aimed at were completed: the calendar reflected the company's values, its openness and dynamics, and evoked positive emotions. An icing on a cake was the fact that it was 100% innovative - the same as the company itself.