Проект Woola




In 2012 the big premier of the Disney movie "John Carter" took place in Moscow at the cinema hall "Oktyabr". 

This premier was supported by the Hollywood stars that acted in this movie. A specal gift for the movie fans was announced by the Disney corporation - an amazing opportunity to see the virtual Martian dog Woola in augmented reality on the red carpet.

Target audience: guests, media.


The main character of this project is the Martian dog named Woola. This dog obviously dosn't exist in the real world so to make it appear at the premier in real size (it was as tall as a human) and in real time we used AR studio

AR studio by EligoVision works not only with marker or markerless recognition systems. It also allows to impose the virtual models and scene on top of video signal from the camera and to program the virtual object's reaction on real objects onscreen.

At the premiere the interactive AR studio was set up in a way that Woola walked on the red carpet only when noone was around. When anyone stepped onto it the AR studio calculated the distance from the real object to the virtual one (Woola) and the system reacted in real time: the virtual dog could run fast, walk away slowly or stay onscreen.

One more peculiarity of this project was Woola's model animations. Our task was to make as many animation takes as possible that would look identical to a character's movements in the film. Based on a 30 seconds trailer that was provided to us by Disnay we created 12 diffrent takes that included Woola's yawning, waving its tail,  running away and coming back, going to sleep and even catching a virtual ball.

Real time video from an AR studio camera was broadcated onto a large screen in the hall of the cinema hall "Oktyabr" so that guests could see Woola having fun on the red carpet in the movie fan zone.