Проект Olex City

Olex City



In 2013 Olex Holding Company, the leader of the Russian market of technological design and integrated equipment for retail enterprises and distribution centers, visualized its energy-efficient solutions in an interactive format of virtual reality on a large screen. 

Target audience: visitors, potential investors, media.


To interact with a large-scale interactive 3D presentation the special manipulating device 3D Pointer was used.

Guests of the exhibition were invited to take a fascinating visual interactive tour on many of the industrial facilities located in a virtual city - hence the name of the project "Olex City". 

One could find himself inside an industrial park, a logistics center, a meat factory or a dairy. He could move around and manipulate all sorts of 3D objects by means of 3D Pointer. Olex booth guests had a unique opportunity to observe many of the processes used at Olex Holding's enterprises practically live! Everyone noted how easy and clear the complex data was presented using virtual reality technology combined with proprietary 3D Pointer device by EligoVision.