Проект Ugra Investment Climate

Ugra Investment Climate



The task that our client - the Ugra Development Fund set for us at RIF-2019 (Russian Investment Forum, Sochi) was solved using accurate technical calculation, well-coordinated teamwork, an interactive display system of sixteen 4K monitors and our versatile EV Toolbox toolkit.

Target audience: participants of RIF-2019: members of the Government and heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, Russian and foreign entrepreneurs and investors, representatives of investment companies, media.


Video walls with special interactive touch frames have been used in the expo market for quite a time, however their rental is rather expensive for exhibitors. We offered a solution based on the use of Kinect. It was mounted right above the video wall and turned its entire surface into an interactive multi-user mode zone.

We also offered an upgrade to this solution which made it possible to output the broadcast from the meeting room, giving the booth attendees a unique opportunity to monitor the progress of important negotiations in real time when needed.

Since the interactive content itself was quite extensive (more than 20 subsections and an abundance of text labels, various graphs and charts, photo and video materials as well as animated 3D models), our designers offered an idea of ​​placing information on the so-called 'clouds'. When a user gestured to a selected cloud, for example, to the “Industrial Production Index”, it “spilled” and its “drops” turned into an animated graph.

One could also get acquainted with the investment projects of Ugra. For this purpose a stylish three-dimensional map of Ugra with pins was used. The map changed its background according to the chosen topic. Each pin was geographically referenced to the map and when selected one could see an animated 3D model with infographics, photo gallery and videos.