Проект Interactive Map of Moscow

Interactive Map of Moscow



When the idea of ​​an innovative "black room" was born a few years ago, it was a bit scary as to how the public would accept this unusual interactive project.

However the summer of 2019 proved its ongoing relevance. For the third year in a row this installation has been successfully exhibited at the stands of the Moscow Construction Complex at all largest events in Russian and abroad in the field of real estate and urbanistics. This year the room experienced its “rebirth” - the layout of Moscow became mobile, and the content featured “faces” and “voices” of popular Russian TV stars.

Target audience: visitors of MUF-2019, media.


Now a user has the opportunity to choose the side of the layout: either Old or New Moscow as well as the related video about the development of the metro or road network, the renovation program or industrial zones redevelopment, etc. How does the side switch? It's simple - the layout turns upside down!

By Moscow Urban Forum 2019, the content was enriched with new stories about the development of the social sphere of Moscow: Moscow Longevity, Healthy Moscow, Employment Centers and Education. Each video story had its own host (TV star), who first appeared in a virtual studio and then traveled virtually through various locations of Moscow. The video sequence of all the plots was supplemented by dynamic projections on the models of Old and New Moscow.

The synchronization of video content on four 5-meter screens, the use of stereoscopic effects in infographics made it possible to succesfully plunge the visitors into an immersive virtual environment an immersive effect.

The challenge of this project for our team was not only the tight deadlines for content development, but also the volume of keying work (English keying - the technology of “removing” the background and image substrate through the video editor) and 3D graphics. In a period of just one month it was required to create 14 various plots both in Russian and in English, including animated screensavers synchronized with the flip of the layout lamellas. Together with the huge support from the Moscow Construction Complex press service and Moscow 24 TV channel our experienced team made this project an amazing success!