Проект Luzhniki Sports Complex

Luzhniki Sports Complex



In 2019 Moscow Urban Forum (MUF-2019) was held in parallel at multiple venues including the Central exhibition hall "Manege".

Specifially for this event EligoVision augmented the typical architectural layout of the Luzhniki sports complex. The idea was to demonstrate the interior structure and the insides of various objects on the layout, as well as to provide visitors with key information in the captivating interactive format of augmented reality.

Target audience: residents and guests of Russian capital, visitors to the MUF-2019.


An architectural model of the territory of the Luzhniki Sports Complex (scaled 1:400) was installed in the Central exhibition hall "Manege". It occupied an area of ​​approximately 25 sq.m. Pointing the tablet with AR application to the layout MUF visitors were able to examine the key objects of the Olympic cluster including the Luzhniki Aquacomplex, the Gymnastics Palace and the Crystal Ice Palace. The AR application also included an option of zooming all key objects in high-precision in order to explore the small decorative details on the facades.

With a simple tap on the tablet screen one could remove the roof and see the insides: arenas, stands, water park slides and waterfalls, swimming lanes in the pool and other interior details of sports facilities.

Prevously the marker traking recognition was used for such projects. This time it was decided to use ARKit system that recognizes 3D objects in the optical range minimizing the jittering of the virtual objects placed above the fragments of the real Luzhniki sports complex layout. 

Although ARKit algorithms were used for tracking, the assembly of the entire mobile application was made in our AR/VR projects toolkit EV Toolbox.