New flexible license policy for EV Toolbox is now open: licenses for 1 month, 6 months and 12 months period are now available for purchase. NOTE: we accept payments from all over the world!


New release of EV Toolbox 3.4.12 is now available for downloading on our portal with Pico 4 Pro support, surface tracking, Pano 360 and a whole new set of project examples both for Standard and Advanced versions


For Moscow Urban Forum 2023 we have created a fantastic visual installation - 3D mapping onto a dynamic "matrix" layout of 2500 voxels in real time


New release of EV Toolbox 3.4.9 is now available for downloading on our portal with Vietnamese language support as well as with other useful features on AR and VR projects development 


An online course on developing an augmented reality postcard in EV Toolbox is now available in the English language. Sign up fo it for free! 


A new playlist 'How to' is introduced in our youtube channel featuring short videos with quick tips on how to create AR and VR projects in EV Toolbox quickly and effectively 


New release of EV Toolbox 3.4.x is now available for downloading on our portal with SteamVR support for building VR project, as well as with ARkit and ARcore support for AR projects creation


New mobile AR application "Walking Museum" featuring three masterpieces of Pieter Brueghel the Elder coming live in augmented reality is now available for downloading in the App Store and Google Play


New versions of EV Toolbox 3.2.4 and beta 3.3.0 are now available on our internal portal! Feel free to download and upgrade your version!


New online courses are on air since the beginning of January 2021: 'START: AR basics', 'START: VR basics' and 'ADVANCED: AR immersion'. All trainings are held in Russian


We are now a part of the global "MADE IN RUSSIA" brand catalog created by Moscow Export Center that features the most prominent export projects of Russia 


The new distributives of EV Toolbox release version 3.2.1 for all operational systems are now available for downloading on our internal portal!


The engineering contest for schoolkids 3D BOOM where EligoVision mentored a traditional joint nomination "SCIENCE ART & V-ART" together with Moscow Polytechnical University has succesfully ended! Congratulations to all teams and to the winners!


The engineering contest for elemetary schoolchildren 3D BOOM JUNIOR where EligoVision guided a new nomination "Smart by-time with Augmented Reality" has succesfully ended! Congratulations to all participants and winners of the contest!


The new distributives of EV Toolbox release version 3.2.0  supporting mutliple wireless HMDs such as HTC VIVE Focus/VIVE Focus Plus и Oculus Go/Oculus Quest are available for downloading on our portal!


Moscow Children's KidSkills Championship for children of 6-9 y.o. held its finals In Moscow in November 2019 including the competitions in "Technology of designing virtual and augmented reality" competency. All participants and prize winners were recognized and awarded in December!


EligoVision demonstrated its software products at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, October 6-10 as a part of a joint exhibition of Moscow Export Center


Updated version of EV Toolbox 3.2.0-rc4 with significant improvements for MacOS is already available on our internal portal (new trial verision can be activated anew for a 30 days period on all PCs)


Learn more about our educational projects and initiatives at our special website devoted to augmented and virtual reality toolkit - EV Toolbox