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«Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic».
A. C. Clark
  • EligoVision Toolbox

EligoVision Toolbox (EV Toolbox) — is a new user-friendly programming product that will allow companies designers and programmers to create, develop and commercialize their own augmented reality projects on «living 3D markers» by EligoVision.

EV Toolbox was first officially demonstrated at Autodesk University Russia event in Moscow, in the beginning of October 2012.

During AU Russia the trial version of EV Toolbox beta was available for testing at EligoVision stand. We also ran a live demo master-class on how to use this product.

Currently we are working on the beta-version. We are about to release it in November 2012.

How to get EV Toolbox beta?

EligoVision Toolbox beta is FREE.

The testing period is 60 days starting from the setup date. The main OS paltform is Windows.

If you want to receive EV Toolbox beta for free, please fill out the form below.

EV Toolbox beta

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How will EV Toolbox beta look like?

EV Toolbox interface and functionality were developed taking into account wants and needs of the prospective users: designers and programmers. In its design we used our team experience and expertise in creating all types of AR projects.

This is how EV Toolbox beta working interface will look like.  

NOTE Our new toolbox will support cross-platform file format .fbx, which allows a designer or developer to work with any 3D graphic program packages and create AR project in EV Toolbox freely and easily.

EV Toolbox also enables to integrate text, audio and video files into any AR project.

How to create an AR project in EV Toolbox

During the master class «Autodesk + EligoVision Toolbox = Augmented Reality» at Autodesk University Russia our team demonstrated how to create an augmented reality project in real-time with the help of EV Toolbox.

A special 3D model of a hut on fowl's legs was developed with 3Ds Max for this master-class — Izba 2.0.

In the first stage the 3D model was exported into EV Toolbox. Then the animation playback was added to it.

Within the 3rd stage a new feature was integrated into the project — the ability to take off the roof of the hut. In the last stage video, audio and text were added to the AR project.

You can watch the video of this master-class below:


Izba 2.0: demo

You can try this project right now on your own PC (please ensure a webcam is connected to your computer).

1. Download the .zip compressed file here.

2. Extract the files to your hard drive.

3. Run izba.exe

4. Bring our «living 3D marker» with the EV Toolbox logo to the webcam so that it is fully captured.

Finally, please check your computer is not mute.

In case you do not have a coaster with the EV Toolbox marker for this AR project, just download this pdf with the AR marker and print it out.

EligoVision Toolbox releases

In the nearest future we plan to make releases of the following versions of EligoVision Toolbox:

  • EV Toolbox beta — November 2012
  • EV Toolbox Standard — December 2012
  • EV Toolbox Advanced — March 2013
  • EV Toolbox Professional — September 2013

 EligoVision Toolbox is a product line that comprises different types of licenses, developer's packages, done-for-you services, partner program and other services

Should you have any comments or suggestions on them, please, let us know by sending us an email. We are doing our best to create easy-to-use, reliable and functional software.

EligoVision Toolbox: Standard version

Main product functionalities:

  • basic interface;
  • scene viewer with animation playback;
  • cameras switching;
  • light sources on/off and manipulation;
  • imaging of complex materials;
  • scaling and shifting of the models;
  • operations with sound and video;
  • text modelling;
  • automatic patterns creation;
  • 2D interfaces editor with animation playback;
  • marker and markerless technologies support;
  • simple scene creation in EvarStudio from standard templates;
  • procedural animation;
  • and more.

EligoVision Toolbox: Advanced version

Main product functionalities:

  • all modules from Standard version;
  • animation сontrol for each objeсt in time and by events;
  • interaction between markers;
  • simulation of physical interaction between objects inside a scene;
  • creation of numerous scenes inside a project and transition in between;
  • effects and posteffects integration;
  • integration of pre-configured systems of particles;
  • scenes customization to different types of hardware;
  • multipass rendering;
  • and more.

EligoVision Toolbox: Professional version

Professional version includes all modules from Advanced version and allows developers to program and create their own modules.

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