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«Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new».
A. Einstein
  • About us — What we do

EligoVision is a young Russian hi-tech company that develops and markets unique interactive 3D technologies and creates proprietary virtual and augmented reality systems.

Our intellectual property includes the company «know-how» as well as patented hardware and software within the field of 3D technologies.

The solutions created with the help of our technologies can be called in a few concise words — these are interactive 3D presentations. They help our customers demonstrate the benefits of their products and services at trade shows and other events with maximum efficiency.

All our interactive 3D presentations are unique.

Our developments:

  • software tools for augmented reality (AR) systems on the marker and markerless basis: «living 3D markers» technology and interactive AR Studio;
  • virtual reality systems based on the optical tracking technology;
  • a unique control device for these systems — 3D Pointer.

3D solutions by EligoVision:

  • 3D applications based on virtual reality systems;
  • 3D applications based on augmented reality systems;
  • 3D presentations and animated films in stereo format;
  • 3D images and stereo-vario products;
  • 3D presentations based on remote gesture control.

All 3D solutions and technologies by EligoVision work on all 2D and 3D display and projection systems.

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