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«If you can't understand it, it is intuitively obvious».
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  • [EV]3 3D solutions — Stereo-vario

Among the most fascinating 3D printing solutions are spatial collages that use stereo-vario technology.

What is stereo-vario

Stereo-vario is an original technology that makes plain images three-dimensional and animated without any stereo glasses required!

The technology was developed back in the last century but it re-emerged lately and is popular again in Russia.

Stereo means an illusion of space or depth.

Vario is a sequential change of images as the view angle is varied. When moving around vario images one can see fascinating effect: the images change size, color, contents, and even transform from one into another.

To print the stereo vario format the image is taken at several angles and then it is printed using a dedicated raster image processing technology.


Where stereo-vario is used

Stereo-vario product images are quite efficient at trade shows and exhibitions.

One of the most brilliant stereo-vario projects is the Russian Year in France Exhibition hosted in Paris in 2010. For the JSC Russian Space Systems stand we made six special and original computer-generated collages on space exploration and then printed them in the stereo-vario format with a 42" diagonal size.

Learn about this project named The Space Illusions in 3D.

Stereo-vario is a striking offer for advertising industry. It is getting increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. The customer pays less and less attention to same-looking posters. Stereo-vario technology is a way of creating impressive and memorable advertising and decorating sales outlets. For example, some companies place stereo-vario inserts on magazine covers or on outdoor billboards.

You can decorate your printed products with stereo-vario. Your customers will be happy to receive greeting cards or invitations printed in this unconventional 3D format. This was the case with our client JSC Russian Space Systems for the 65th Parallel festivity. The technology is also suitable as an impressive takeaways at exhibitions.

Some of our customers use stereo-vario technology for decorating their offices. Stereo-vario collages are excellent gifts for your clients and partners, and such gifts always attract attention.

We develop and prepare for printing any attractive images in any stereo-vario format. These images would be on your exhibition stand, kept by your clients as pleasant souvenirs, or just decorate your office!

Stereo-vario collage sizes

We make 3D content for printing stereo-vario collages of the following sizes:

  • 10х15 cm,  gift cards;
  • 21х30 cm, gift framed pictures;
  • 30х54 cm, gift framed pictures;
  • 54х70 cm, gift framed pictures for exhibition installations;
  • 120х70 cm, vertical banners for exhibition installations.

Certainly, this is not the limit. And what's important: the production cost for stereo-vario collages drops as the number of copies grows!

Where stereo-vario can be seen in Russia

You can see lots of our stereo-vario images in our office, and at the office of «Stereograd», our primary technological partner.