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«Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.»
A. Einstein
  • [EV]3 3D solutions — 3D presentations

One of our most striking and brilliant 3D solutions is 3D graphics turned into video post production in stereoscopic mode.

What is a 3D presentation

A 3D presentation by EligoVision is a unique stereo video made just for you.

How is a 3D presentation made? The technology is similar to the one used in Hollywood for making 3D movies like «Avatar» and «Shrek».

Making a 3D presentation only partly resembles making a conventional computer video. We create 3D graphics from scratch and using it we make a short movie in 3D.

First 3D models and scenes are developed, then visual effects and animation are added, and finally virtual cameras are placed and the rendering process begins.

The rendering for 3D presentations goes twice as longer as the one for 2D, since two separate video streams are generated: one for the right and one for the left eye. Then both mono streams are joined into a single stereo stream, and only then a fine parallax adjustment for the selected 3D monitor or screen is performed.

We do not make full-length cartoons, popular science documentaries or movies suitable for movie theater distribution in 3D.

We create fine and brilliant short 3D presentations to be shown at business events, opening ceremonies, conferences, commercial and promo shows.

Example: the Hyundai Solaris Project


To learn more about the projects we have created click Case studies — 3D Presentations.

How to show

3D presentations can be shown on different 3D systems. Most common are large-screen stereo projection systems since they provide the best depth effect and are suitable for large audience.

We have vast experience in creating 3D graphics and adjusting it to different kinds of stereo installations. We can make your 3D presentation suitable for:

And the most exciting, at last!

We can not only devise and create a 3D presentation for you and amaze your customers with the dynamic graphics and the depth effect.

We can make it interactive and turn a striking 3D video into the wonderful interactive virtual reality world!

But it is another story!

Experience a live demonstration!

They say, one look is worth a thousand words.

Unfortunately a real 3D presentation cannot be viewed on an office computer or on a conventional screen. We invite you to visit us and to see with your own eyes the stereo effect and the 3D presentations we have made.

Please register here, and we'll call you back within one business day. Or just call us at +7 495 780 01 59, save time and order a demonstration for you.