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«The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.»
A. Einstein.
  • [EV]3 inventions & know-how — 3D Pointer product line

We have developed several models of the 3D Pointer device. All of them have similar functionality, however each of these models has its advantages and is designed for specific purposes.

Today, we are ready to present three innovative models on the market:

  • 3D Pointer Exclusive
  • 3D Pointer Standard S2
  • 3D Pointer Professional S1

1. 3D Pointer Exclusive

3D manipulator with an optical tracking system. Does not contain any electrical equipment and can be equipped with a passive button.


Model features:

  • is created on order using any available material;
  • the size and appearance are determined by the customer;
  • you can order painting and engraving.


Ideal for:

The solution is best suited for those who strictly follow the corporate style and his or her own public image. Or just want to surprise the audience.


3D Pointer Exclusive 3D Pointer in manipulation mode: closing the zone of the last marker simulates a button click.
3D Pointer Exclusive in action
3D Pointers Exclusive (wood and plexiglass)

Two types of 3D Pointer Exclusive:

1. material: acrylic resin;

2. material: beech.



Different models of the 3D Pointer Exclusive can have a custom look, depending on the task and the customer requirements.



2. 3D Pointer Standard S2

3D manipulator with an optical tracking system and a single function button (optical clicking recognition). Powered by a 1.5V AA battery.

Model features:

  • ergonomic shape;
  • robust design, easy batteries changing;
  • special feet prevent from sliding off the table;
  • eyelet at the back of the device to wear it around the neck or arm (the cord is hidden in the handle).

Ideal for:

The solution is best suited for making exhibitions with a large flow of visitors. An intuitive control with an effective feedback is designed for any type of a target audience.


3D Pointer Standard


Special feet prevent 3D Pointer Standard S2 from sliding off the surface.
3D Пойнтер (шнурок)



To make the continuous operation more comfortable, 3D Pointer Standard S2 is worn on the wrist with a special lace.


When not in use, the lace is hidden inside the handle.

Pointer Standard (Inside)



The simple design and safety features turn the model into a reliable and vandal-resistant device.



3. 3D Pointer Professional S1 (experimental model)

3D manipulator with an optical tracking system and two-button control on the basis of Zigbee with the possibility of reflashing. Powered by a CR2 3V battery.

Model features:

  • ergonomic shape, tactile finish; 3D Pointer Professional
  • replacement of the battery with a single click;
  • floating bar to configure the device for a specific application;
  • eyelet at the back of the device to wear it around the neck or arm (the cord is hidden in the handle);
  • possibility to expand the functional characteristics.

Ideal for:

The device is designed to work with complex and rich applications. Provides maximum comfort for the user. Is able to support custom settings.


Special coating with a tactile varnish makes 3D Pointer Professional S1 pleasant to the touch.


One of the buttons is created in the form of a trigger and makes this model equally functional with various folds and bends of the rod. It is especially useful when working with gaming applications.



You can open the model housing for replacing, troubleshooting or reflashing by pressing a single button.




The functionality of the 3D Pointer Professional S1 allows it to go beyond the boundaries of working with an application.

(For example, one of the active button can be programmed to control blinds.)