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«Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.»
A. Einstein
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«Living 3D calendAR»

In anticipation of the New Year 2012 we prepared a more-than-ordinary gift for our customers, partners and friends.

Last year we presented an interactive New Year game on the augmented reality
3D card.

This year again, we had a serious brainstorming to create a memorable and innovative gift for you. And we succeeded!

In October we invite you to try your luck in our AR game called «3D Labyrinth»!

Watch and test!

EligoVision Toolbox licenses

Since the beginning of 2012 EligoVision R&D and marketing departments started an active elaboration of a brand new software product.

EligoVision Toolbox will become a licensed software product that will allow companies create and commercialize their own project based on the augmented reality technology by EligoVision — «living 3D markers».

EligoVision Toolbox is a product line that comprises different types of licenses, developer's packages, done-for-you services, partner program and other services

Want to learn more, sign up for the trial version and help us create the best solution on the market?

Learn more here!