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«If you can't understand it, it is intuitively obvious».
Murphy’s law
  • [EV]3 3D installation — 3D projection

All interactive 3D solutions by EligoVision are compatible with any stereoscopic projection system.

It is true! We actually work with all types of stereo systems.

3D projection systems

We work with:

  • passive stereo systems with a pair of projectors (with circular and linear polarization);
  • active stereo systems with one projector;
  • projection stereo systems based on Infitec technology.


The following proprietary solutions of our company use all types of 3D projection systems:

3D installation on passive stereo systems

This type of projection system consists of:

  • special screen that prevents light depolarization;
  • two identical projectors with polarizing filters;
  • adjusting box;
  • set of polarizing glasses;
  • graphics workstation equipped with a professional video card.

This system delivers high-quality stereoscopic projection for screens of different sizes — both for smaller and bigger groups of users (up to dozens).

This type of stereoscopic projection requires special polarizing glasses (with circular or linear polarization).

The setup of this system is more complicated than that of the active stereo 3D projection solution. This is due to the fact that the pair of projectors with polarizing filters should be carefully placed and calibrated.

To get the stereo image each projector should give its own picture: one projector gives the right eye's picture, another — left eye's.

In order to deliver high-quality stereo images both the right and left eyes’ pictures, projected onto the screen, need to be accurately combined. To achieve this effect projectors are equipped with special polarizing filters, which should be also carefully adjusted (when using linear polarization). In addition, without special glasses the picture appears with double images; only using special glasses spectators can experience the «depth» effect.

For a better fixing and calibration projection stereo systems are provided with a special adjusting box which contains projectors and all the necessary elements. It can be attached to the ceiling, to the wall or it can simply be placed on any horizontal surface.

These boxes are designed individually for each projector type depending on its specifications: size, focal length and some other features.

Front and rear 3D projection (passive stereo)

EligoVision specialists not only create 3D content for demonstration on different types of projection 3D surfaces, but also develop and configure projection systems for two types of passive stereo.

We make systems both for the front projection (projectors are placed in front of the screen) and for the rear projection (projectors are placed behind the screen).

Our systems can be adjusted to the screens of different sizes.


For the front projection system both projectors are placed in front of the screen.


  • space saving since projectors are placed in the user’s working area.

For the rear projection system both projectors are placed behind the screen.


  • possibility to manipulate content directly by the screen;
  • absence of shadows;
  • expansion of the screen’s working area;
  • increase of the image brightness. 

Specifications and benefits of passive stereo projection systems:

  • inputs: dual stream left and right-eyes video, formats supported include VGA, DVI, S-video, HDMI;
  • resolution: SGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA and above depending on requirements;
  • brightness from 2 000 lumens to 20 000 lumens and above depending on requirements;
  • filters with linear or circular polarization;
  • systems come with 50 pairs of paper polarizing glasses (plastic glasses are available on request);
  • front or rear projection on screens of different sizes (1.5х2.0m, 2.0х3.0m, 3.0х4.0m, 4.0х6.0m and more);
  • Linux/Windows software platform
  • static (in an office, a presentation hall) or mobile (at a trade show, in a conference room) design;
  • possibility to attach a system to the wall, to the floor or to the ceiling;
  • easy switching between 2D and 3D modes in any sequence for both stereo and mono projection.

3D installation on active stereo projection systems

This type of projection system consists of:

  • conventional projection screen;
  • one special projector with the frame rate of 120Hz and more;
  • set of shutter glasses for active stereo;
  • graphics workstation equipped with a professional video card.

The setup of this projection type is significantly easier comparing to the passive stereo systems. Therefore, the main part of these systems is the correctly processed 3D content. These systems do not require a special screen, which is very convenient. However, you will need a special projector and special shutter glasses. Glasses that are used in active stereo systems are more expensive than the passive stereo ones; they also require regular replacement of the battery, and are slightly heavier.

We can not only install such stereo systems, but also create and adapt specialized stereo content.

3D installation on Infitec systems

This type of projection system consists of:

  • conventional projection screen;
  • two identical projectors with Infitec filters;
  • set of special Infitec glasses;
  • graphics workstation equipped with a professional video card.

This system delivers high-quality stereoscopic projection for screens of different sizes — both for smaller and bigger groups of users (up to dozens). However it is a unique technology that requires special equipment and competent calibration of projectors (as in passive stereo systems).

Currently this system is one of the most effective, but also one of the most expensive. EligoVision specialists have wide experience in working with this system.

Why 3D?

If we look at the today’s hi-tech market, we can easily see that 3D technologies are becoming more and more popular. However, 10 years ago stereoscopic 3D media were hard to find; they were available only for large corporations and scientific institutes. Though even at that time, at the beginning of the new millennium, it was obvious that sooner or later 3D technologies would appear on the global market.

For this reason, starting from 2005 we develop, create and install interactive technologies for the screens with mono- and stereoscopic projection with different specifications:

  • 3D mono and stereo projection on flat screens (1.5x2m, 2x3m, 3x4m) with interactive mode;
  • 3D mono and stereo projection on a system consisting of several screens joint at different angles with interactive mode;
  • 3D mono and stereo projection on a system of separate screens with the effect of flowing and moving images with interactive mode («flying screens»). 

In cooperation with our partners we can also create content and integrate it into complex projection systems with conic and cylindrical screens, and also onto curved surfaces (walls, columns, archways, windows and so on).

Even today the global projection technologies market can offer you not too many solutions with stereoscopic projection.

And only a few companies can make these projection systems fully interactive:

  • in real time;
  • in 3D;
  • with «total immersion» into the virtual world of your 3D presentation;
  • with unlimited area of interaction;
  • for multiple users at a time.

We can!

3D screens and projection demonstration

You can see, test and get first-hand experience with the passive stereo system in our office.

To do this, please leave your details on here, and we will contact you within one day. Or you can simply call us on the following number: +7 495 780 01 59, and make arrangements for the demonstration without losing time.