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«Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.»
A. Einstein
  • [EV]3 3D installation — 3D displays

All interactive 3D solutions by EligoVision work with any types of 3D displays.

We are serious! We really work with any type of stereoscopic systems.

3D-display systems

We work with:

  • glasses-free autostereoscopic displays;
  • displays requiring glasses based on passive stereoscopic effect with circular and linear polarization;
  • displays requiring glasses based on active stereoscopic effect with shutter glasses;
  • head-mounted virtual reality displays.

The following proprietary solutions of our company use all types of 3D displays:

3D installations based on glasses-free 3D displays

Glasses-free 3D displays — are a great tool for attraction and retention of the general public’s attention and for creation of the «buzz marketing» effect. This tool is highly effective as a marketing media in halls with large flow of visitors, e.g. exhibition halls, lobby during conferences and presentations, museums, malls and business centers.

Complemented with the augmented and virtual reality technologies by EligoVision, such 3D display becomes a brilliant marketing tool.

Such displays allow viewing 3D images in different points of distance from the screen and do not require special stereoscopic glasses.

The captivating effect of 3D «beyond the screen» grasps everyone’s attention. The duration of a spectator’s viewing, be it several seconds or several minutes, will be the function of the contents of your presentation that should be interesting and catching, on the attractiveness of 3D image to the spectator.

One of the best 3D displays in this category is the autostereoscopic WOWvx display by Dimenco/Philips.

Several screen sizes are available here: 20'', 42'' and 52''. All three panels are available in our demo room.

We use two different technologies for this type of 3D displays:

  • static depth map (for photo and video content);
  • dynamic depth map (for augmented and virtual reality).

3D installations based on 3D displays requiring glasses

3D displays with stereoscopic glasses will have the best effect for small audiences (up to 10 people), in show rooms and in the areas of the exhibition stand where there’s no large flow of visitors. I.e. in the places where anyone will comfortably view your 3D presentation in special stereoscopic glasses.

Such displays based on active and passive stereoscopic effect are very convenient for demonstration of complex interactive 3D presentations with multi-level interface. This is especially true for the cases where you need to show high-quality image depth and 3D effect.

Benefits of 3D displays requiring glasses:

  • large viewing angle;
  • very high quality of 3D effect and contrast of 3D image;
  • light and convenient glasses.

One of the best 3D displays in this category is the latest model of JVC 3D display based on stereoscopic glasses with circular polarization.

Currently this is the largest 3D display in Russia (46”) which uses the circular polarization for 3D stereo effect. This display is available in our demo room.

To reach the stereoscopic effect the images for the left and right eye are displayed line-by-line: right eye images on odd lines and left eye images on even lines. Thus, both images are displayed simultaneously and there’s no flickering at all, which is especially important for highly dynamic scenes.

In order to enjoy the stereoscopic effect on such a display spectator need to wear special polarizing glasses made of plastics.

11 arguments to use 3D displays at presentations and exhibitions

Using our solutions, augmented and virtual reality technologies you can use 3D displays not only to demonstrate photos and videos, but also to involve the audience in control of interactive 3D worlds with multilevel interface, various scenarios, realistic graphics and stunning depth effect!

Here are the key benefits of using interactive 3D displays:

  • 3D displays and interactive systems can be easily inter-integrated, installed and configured;
  • they always attract much attention;
  • interactive augmented reality technologies «living 3D markers» allow interaction with 3D objects in stereoscopic format;
  • 3D Pointer virtual reality technology helps users interact with a presentation or exposition;
  • interactive 3D are easy to control on 3D displays;
  • visitors will be filled with emotions working and «playing» with your product;
  • your presentation and your stand will become remarkable;
  • 3D displays help show you’re committed to innovation;
  • good impression of potential customers from your exhibition will entail good revenues;
  • innovative technologies are beneficial for your branding and image;
  • unconventional things draw attention, they are the subject of discussion, of newspaper articles, people tell their colleagues, partners and friends about them.

Mobile system

Specially for exhibitions we developed a mobile 3D display. It’s a convenient scaleable structure with 3D Pointer interactive system or «living 3D markers» augmented reality system built-in, with a 3D display of your choice and Bose acoustic system.

It can be easily assembled and installed exactly where you need to add interactivity. You can change its position during the exhibition and thus enhance the performance of your exhibition stand.

The optimal range for the interactive 3D display is 2.5-3.0 meters from the screen. While this interactive range can be extended in any direction at your convenience and at the convenience of the participants and spectators of your presentation.

Why 3D?

If we look at the today’s hi-tech market, we can easily see that 3D technologies are becoming more and more popular. However, 10 years ago stereoscopic 3D media were hard to find; they were available only for large corporations and scientific institutes.

Though even at that time, at the beginning of the new millennium, it was obvious that sooner or later 3D technologies would appear onto the global market.

That is why even before the formal incorporation of EligoVision, the founders of the company got a distinct goal — continuous integration of our solutions with any types of stereoscopic and 3D displays.

Despite the fact that stereoscopic technologies were hardly known in Russia before 2008, EligoVision engineers and researchers continued active use of 3D displays. But the main thing is our continuous effort to make all our interactive solutions compatible with various 3D and stereo media.

Now that 3D technologies became a zest of your events, exhibitions and presentation, we can offer you our proprietary versatile 3D solutions for various system types.

3D displays demonstration

In our office you can personally see, test and check-out various types of 3D displays.

To do this, please leave your details on here, and we will contact you within one day. Or you can simply call us on the following number: +7 495 780 01 59, and make arrangements for the demonstration without losing time.