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«The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources».
A. Einstein
  • [EV]3 3D installation — 3D showcase

One of the most unusual 3D installations by EligoVision — three-dimensional interactive world within a glass box — 3D showcase!

What is the purpose of the 3D showcase

First of all, it is an exhibition solution. If you and your company take part in major events and exhibitions, you are probably familiar with the following challenges:

  • there is not enough space on the stand to place a number of necessary showpieces, and you need to exhibit as much as possible;
  • you often have to deal with the problem of transporting showpieces to different cities or abroad;
  • some showpieces are too complicated to show them in action directly at the stand;
  • while others are too large or too small for a detailed review;
  • it is too expensive to make and bring several high-quality models;
  • sometimes your exposition turns out looking exactly like the nearby ones;
  • you need to «stand out from the crowd», impress your visitors and customers!

If that's the case, then the 3D showcase is an exhibition solution that will fit you perfectly.

What is 3D showcase and how it works

This is a schematic picture of the 3D showcase interactive system.

It is a small-size pyramidal box that consists of four semitransparent screens. These screens are slightly inclined forward, towards spectators. They are covered with a special light-reflective film, which is similar to the one used for tinting car windows.

To get a better understanding of how the 3D showcase, imagine you are looking into a car with tinted glasses. What do you see? Right! It's your own reflection.

Now imagine that the car glasses are inclined to the ground. In this case, you won’t see yourself in the reflection, but the ground beneath your feet. And now picture that somebody turns the lights on inside the car. You can see part of the interiors. What you see inside the 3D showcase (in our example it is «car interiors») is a real object. The part of the system that is reflected from monitors by the screens does not exist, it’s virtual. The observer sees both, and in their mind real and virtual images form a single picture.


The same real object placed inside the 3D showcase can look differently. On the left picture you can see virtual muscles reconstructed inside a real dinosaur skull. On the right picture the same skull is covered with virtual skin.


Virtual objects can be «put» onto the real ones entirely or partially. For example, this skull is covered with virtual skin on one side, but if you look at it from a different angle, you can also see cranial bones.

8 reasons to use the 3D showcase:

  • it occupies small area (from 1.5 sq.m to 4.0 sq.m);
  • it can be placed in any part of a stand or a show room;
  • it can contain hundreds of virtual showpieces;
  • it provides a unique depth effect;
  • it allows changing 3D worlds with a motion of the hand;
  • it shows 3D objects from every possible angle;
  • it delivers photorealistic graphics, effects and animation;
  • it allows interaction with «virtual content».

What can be placed inside (examples):



Various virtual objects can be «attached» to real objects inside the 3D showcase. For example, you can make a virtual clown walk on a real board, or you can put animated muscles onto a real dinosaur skull.

3D showcase demonstration

To watch this 3D installation, please leave your details on this page, and we will contact you within one day. Or you can simply call us on the following number: +7 495 780 01 59, and make arrangements for the demonstration without losing time.