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«Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic».
A. C. Clark
  • Demo — «XXL Girl»

We are happy to present you the miraculous demonstration of the live 3D girl — «XXL Girl»!


In September 2010 the leading Russian men’s magazine XXL celebrates its 13-th birthday! Specifically for this grandiose event EligoVision developed a «living 3D marker» of augmented reality.  

So, let us look inside the «living 3D marker» prepared for the anniversary issue of XXL magazine.

You’ll find more than ordinary 3D surprise there! A really beautiful model from the cover magazine will perform a private dance for you!

XXL is the first men’s magazine in Russia to use the «living 3D markers» technology on its pages. It’s also a kind of debut for us — for the first time ever we developed a «living 3D marker» for a printed media!

Our «living 3D marker» can be found on a special flyer attached to the anniversary issue of XXL magazine. To view the private dance live you need to bring the flyer to the webcam. Before that, please download a small software application on this page.


We present not one, but THREE girls! You can download the program with the girl of your choice or take all three of them at once!

Instructions for downloading on your PC

1. Download and unpack the archive. Ensure that both files are located within one folder. Launch the program on your PC to view «living 3D markers».

  • Naked girl dancing on the marker. Download (17.5MB);
  • Naked girl dancing on the podium. Download (17.8MB);
  • Half-naked girl dancing on the podium. Download (40.7MB).

2. Buy XXL magazine (or borrow it from your friend or colleague) and take a flyer with the marker or download the «live 3D marker» right here (pdf file).

3. Ensure the webcam is connected to your PC. Turn on the volume.

4. Bring the printed marker to the camera so that it is fully captured. You’ll see the 3D girl coming alive!



If you experience problems installing or viewing our «living 3D marker» on your PC please send us an e-mail with a brief description of the problem at We will help you for sure!

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