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«Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.»
A. Einstein
  • Demo — «Draw a 3D Labyrinth»

The most unique Augmented Reality game to-date!

All you need to create a full-fledged Augmented Reality is several sheets of paper, a felt pen, and a little more magic from EligoVision!

To play the game, simply draw your own labyrinth on a sheet of paper with our «living 3D marker» on it, then launch a virtual ball into it and guide it to the exit!

The application will erect walls along the lines you have drawn, and the ball will bounce off the walls and roll along them obeying the laws of physics just like in the real world.

The game was first shown at our stand during Autodesk University Russia 2012 forum and was met with a lot of enthusiasm!

Try it yourself!


1. Download the file to launch the game.

2. Download the template to draw your 3D labyrinth. Print it out on one page, and fold the paper along the dotted line.

3. Draw your 3D labyrinth on the template with the START marker using a felt pen (see requirements below).

4. Run labyrinth.exe file, a window with the webcam image will open.

5. Let the camera capture the first side of the sheet (with the RESTART marker), and then turn the sheet over to show your labyrinth.

6. To guide the ball to the exit tilt and roll the labyrinth sheet in front of the webcam.

Game Rules

Some tips to make the gaming process easier:

  • use a dark felt pen: the wall lines shall look contrast against the paper color
  • draw the way you like; just make sure the lines all fit into the paper
  • do not draw too close to the edges, leave 1 cm margins at every edge
  • it is better not to draw lines too close to each other; the ball may not be able to pass through such bottlenecks
  • do not block the word FINISH, there should be a passage to it
  • to exit the labyrinth, the ball should exactly roll over the FINISH letters


To play the game, show our RESTART marker to the webcam; countdown will start on the screen. At this point turn the paper over to show your labyrinth to the cam; make sure the entire labyrinth is clearly seen.

During the countdown the application will scan the entire sheet. Should your finger be over some lines during scanning, there will be holes in your labyrinth walls.

Dig up and have fun! :)




If you experience problems installing or viewing our «living 3D markers» on your PC please kindly email us at

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