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«Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.»
A. Einstein
  • Demo — «Izba 2.0»

Izba 2.0 is the first Augmented Reality project we made with our new AR tool: EligoVision Toolbox.

The logo marker for our new software product is an animated hut on fowl's legs from Russian fairy tales. Creaking and shaking, the hut would leave the marker and walk across your desktop (put the marker on the desktop and aim the webcam at it).

Izba 2.0 was conceived and developed to demonstrate EV Toolbox application during Autodesk University Russia 2012.

The 3D model of a hut on fowl's legs was developed with 3Ds Max. The realistic walk animation was created using a skeletal animation technique.

The effect of inertia was applied to all minor models like flying mortar of Baba Yaga, stuffed owl on the roof, logs, firewood, skulls, and the «lady» herself looking out of the window.


How to run the demo

Izba 2.0 was created during our master class using EV Toolbox. You can try it right now on your own PC (please ensure a webcam is connected to your computer).

1. Download the .zip compressed file here.

2. Extract the files to your hard drive.

3. Run izba.exe

4. Bring our «living 3D marker» with the EV Toolbox logo to the webcam so that it is fully captured.

Finally, please check your computer is not mute.

If you do not have our unique EV Toolbox trivet that was handed out to all master class participants and visitors of our exhibition stand at AU Russia 2012, just download this pdf file with the marker, and print it out.

It is just that simple! :)

How to put the Hut upon the marker: our master class

During the master class, a 3D model developed with 3Ds Max was completely exported to EligoVision Toolbox.

Then we added hut’s walk animation as well as the option to remove the roof by covering the marker with the hand.

The last but not least was adding video, sound, and text information.


Autodesk + EligoVision Toolbox = Augmented Reality Master Class Video

Izba 2.0 flash demo


If you experience problems installing or viewing our «living 3D markers» on your PC please kindly email us at

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