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«Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic».
A. C. Clark
  • Demo — «Autodesk Forum 2011»

Here you can download the new «Autodesk Forum 2011» «living 3D marker» augmented reality project and test it on your own PC.

It was created exclusively for the Autodesk Forum (September 21-22, 2011) and was demonstrated at the EligoVision’s stand as part of the Technology Exhibition.

The project includes five transport-related animated 3D models:

1. bike;
2. all-terrain vehicle;
3. internal combustion engine;
4. helicopter;
5. submarine.

All the models were developed using Autodesk software applications and then converted to EV Environment.

The demonstration made use of a «living 3D makers» augmented reality system to include a unique glasses-free 52” 3D display by Dimenco, a graphics workstation with an NVIDIA video card, a webcam and a set of markers.

Each marker contains an interactive 3D model that can be explored in full detail from every perspective. In addition, we integrated a special interaction between the bike and engine models.

All the models except the helicopter, which we created independently, were presented to us by our Autodesk partners.

Want to try it yourself? Follow the instructions below! 

Instructions for downloading on your PC

1. Download the special software for demonstration of the technology. Launch the program on your PC (.exe file) to view «living 3D marker».

Download the program (36.8 МБ);

2. Take a set of 5 flyers that you received at Autodesk Forum at EligoVision's stand. If you don't have flyers at your disposal now, then simply download the file with the image of markers and print them on any printer (pdf file).

3. Ensure that the webcam is connected to your PC.

4. Bring the marker to the camera so that it is fully captured. The marker will activate any of the 3D transport models created in Autodesk products.



If you experience problems installing or viewing our «living 3D marker» on your PC please send us an e-mail with a brief description of the problem at We will help you for sure!

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