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«Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic».
A. C. Clark
  • FAQ

  • What does EligoVision do?

EligoVision is a young Russian hi-tech company that develops and markets unique interactive 3D technologies and creates proprietary virtual and augmented reality systems.

This website is dedicated to our activities, both scientific and commercial (yes, we earn using results of our work):

  • to learn about our company's history, our experience and our clients, visit «About us» section;
  • to download augmented reality demos, which you can test on your computer, click here;
  • to learn more about our projects, visit this page (to make navigation easy, we created sections dedicated to different technologies);
  • to learn more about types of surfaces we work with, visit «3D installation» section;
  • to get acquainted with our proprietary solutions, visit «Inventions & know-how» section.

Watch, read, download! Make yourself at home! :)

  • What product/services do you provide?
We provide four kinds of services. All of them are based on our proprietary licensed technologies.

They are:

We also consult our clients on choosing the optimal type of installation (some of our customers want 3D displays, others require 3D screens), advise and help them to create scenarios for a 3D application or presentation, as well as lease unique 3D systems and provide technical support at events.

Unfortunately we still can’t cross-stitch :)

  • What benefits do I get from your technologies and solutions?

It’s a good question.

When asked, some of our clients say that such unusual presentations helped them attract VIPs’ attention. Others say our technologies provided them with a more effective and economical method of working with complex visualization systems. Moreover our technologies can help to attract potential clients, or contribute to the image of an innovative company.

To determine what benefits our 3D solutions can give you, we suggest you to come to our office, tell us about your project and see our interactive solutions at work.

  • Where can I use such solutions to maximum advantage?
There are many areas where you can use our solutions. However, they provide the best results when used in:
  • trade shows;
  • individual VIP presentations;
  • online marketing;
  • big stage presentations;
  • media advertising;
  • points of sale;
  • PR-events as branding solutions;
  • sales-presentations.

Couldn’t find your option? Maybe we just haven’t tested it yet. Let’s try it together!

  • How much does it cost?

As Baron Rothschild used to say: «I'm not so rich that I can afford to buy cheap things!»

Service costs for creating 3D presentation content, equipment selection, technical implementation, training, and system technical support depend on system configuration and your individual requirements. The final cost of an interactive solution is defined separately for a particular project and technical task.

Cost of a complete solution (content, license, equipment, installation, setup and support) varies from a few hundred thousands to a few millions rubles.

Someone may find it expensive, but it is known that bitter taste of a poor quality product lasts longer than sweetness of its low price. And high quality of our products and services is our personal pride.

  • What is augmented reality (AR)?

There are millions of words, thousands of videos and hundreds of stories describing augmented reality.

However, you don’t have to look too far! Here is what you can learn about augmented reality technology on our site:

But we suggest you come and visit our office! We will show you our augmented reality studio (EligoVision AR studio) and our applications in stereo format!

  • Why does my «living 3D marker» not work?

There are 5 basic reasons for that:

  • lighting conditions;
  • software;
  • marker position;
  • camera calibration;
  • camera resolution.

If you experience problems installing or viewing our «living 3D marker» on your PC please send us an e-mail with a brief description of the problem at We will help you for sure!

  • What is virtual reality (VR)?

Do you remember «The Lawnmower Man» movie? Or «Matrix»?

Computer generated worlds that allow total immersion and interaction is the main principle of virtual reality.

From the very first day we started to develop VR systems (with partial and total immersion), and during this time we wrote a lot of explanatory articles about virtual reality.

If you want to «plunge» into the world of virtual reality for real, come to our office, we’ll «immerse» together! :)

  • Do you really develop everything by yourselves?

Yes, we do. Results of our intellectual activity are our main assets. This gives you and us a number of advantages:

  • we know our solutions and products in every single detail, and it gives you and us more flexibility in creating 3D applications;
  • our solutions are protected by licenses and patents, which means that it is hard to steal or copy them, so you can feel safe;
  • we don’t pay royalties for using third-party software, which means that you pay much less for licenses;
  • we create new products all the time, because we are not interested in repeating ourselves, which means that you get the most advanced 3D solutions!

And the most important thing is — we are always near.

  • Do you give any guarantees?

Our guarantees are our projects. If you want personal references, please contact us.

  • Where can I buy license for your software?

Currently we provide our clients with a simple non-exclusive license to use our software.

However, considering high demand for our software among third-party developers and our own abilities, we have already prepared development licenses based on our software. Give us some more time, and soon you will be able to purchase these licenses.

If you are really interested in this proposition, please write us, and we will contact you first when the system is ready!

  • All right, you've almost convinced me. Where and when can I see your solutions?

Excellent! You can see our interactive 3D systems at work in our demo room. Our office is located in Moscow at 1st Truzhenikov lane, 14/ 2. Here is our location map.

If you want to get an invitation to our 3D technology presentation, leave us your request or just call on the following number: +7 495 780 01 59. We look forward to seeing you!