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«Nothing is as easy as it looks».
Murphy’s law

Case studies — Augmented reality (AR)

«Build your own city!» is a new game based on our «living 3D markers» of augmented reality. The game has been developed for the museum and exhibition center of Kogalym, Western Siberia.

The project was ordered by the museum and exhibition center of the city of Kogalym and LUKOIL-Western Siberia. It is now installed in Experimentarium, a special hall which has been designed to make the exposition more entertaining for schoolchildren.

You can also build your own augmented reality city right now. All you need is an ordinary PC, a web cam attached and a bit of fantasy!

To do that, please visit and follow the instructions.

The game clearly shows that our augmented reality technology can be both informative and entertaining.


3D content and installation

The interactive area of our «living 3D markers» augmented reality system comprises a display system and a special table in front of the screen where you can find colored urban landscapes, and a set of markers.

The camera is set above the display.

While the system is idle, one can enjoy views of Kogalym on the display.

The screensaver can be stopped whenever needed by placing any of the «living 3D markers» within the camera’s field of view.

This will turn on the interactive system, and a visitor see the urban landscape on the display.

There are 17 «living 3D markers» in the project.

1.    Apartment building: 3 pcs.
2.    Tree: 3 pcs.
3.    Vehicle: 3 pcs.
4.    Man: 3 pcs.
5.    Lightpole: 1 pc.
6.    Traffic light: 1 pc.
7.    Lukoil logo: 1 pc.
8.    Well platform: 1 pc.
9.    Eraser: 1 pc.

Virtual eraser is yet another useful option by EligoVision. It helps quickly remove any 3D item which was misplaced or became redundant.

Besides, you can make multiple clones of any item, e.g. you can construct similar buildings, plant a lot of trees, etc.

These functions and a wide variety of 3D models help young players create unique urban landscapes and make the game even more amusing!


You can test this funny augmented reality application right now. All you need is an ordinary PC, a web cam attached and a bit of fantasy.

To view demo, please click here and follow the instructions.