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«Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.»
A. Einstein

Case studies — Augmented reality (AR)

The «Interior modeling» project is a 3D solution based on the «living 3D markers» augmented reality technology.

It works with different types of displays both with monoscopic and stereoscopic surfaces, including the glasses-free Philips 3D display and the JVC 3D monitor based on the circular polarization technology.

3D content

The project software is a virtual interactive environment that contains a 3D model of a room.

Users’ goal is to arrange pieces of furniture in a virtual room space using augmented reality markers by EligoVision. The interactive area of the «living 3D markers» augmented reality system is an ordinary table. A camera that recognizes markers is placed on top.

Each of the «living 3D markers» has its own 3D model of an interior object. All pictures on real markers correspond to 3D model images.

Users can replace the virtual room with any other interior model or even see themselves in the real room.

In order to do this the camera should be placed so that it captures the necessary part of the room. The user then arranges virtual furniture on markers inside the real room.

In this particular project interior objects can’t cross walls and windows. This feature is programmed in the system and can be changed at the user’s wish.

In order to «lock» a piece of furniture inside the virtual room you need to hold the marker in the interactive zone for 2 seconds and then remove it. If you wish to continue moving the same model you need to bring the marker back inside the interactive zone.

All objects are reflected in the floor and are illuminated with a virtual light source. 3D models move according to the turns of a marker on the table.

EligoVision uses its own software to recognize the augmented reality markers. Therefore the «living 3D markers» augmented reality system by EligoVision allows real-time modeling of any interior.


The project hardware is an interactive visual 3D solution, which includes

  • interactive «living 3D markers» system: a camera, a set of markers, a graphics workstation equipped with a professional video card such as NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800;
  • autostereoscopic Philips WOWvx display (42');
  • 3D display JVC (46') based on stereoscopic glasses with circular polarization.