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«The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources».
A. Einstein

Case studies — Stereo photographs

3D project names «Kurchatov Institute 3D» was developed as an addition to the Kurchatov Institute augmented reality system.

For the first time ever these 3D photos were made public at the Kurchatov Institute's stand during RUSNANOTECH Expo 2011, October 26—28, Expocentre.

The Institute's exposition made use of two interactive technologies. These are «living 3D markers» of augmented reality, and 2D touch control. Users could control the presentation by using the marker or the touch screen.

In order to make the stand even more popular, we developed a unique screen saver featuring twenty 3D photos of the Institute.

All the pictures were initially taken in mono format, and then were manually converted into 3D using the depth map for viewing on glasses free Philips WOWvx and Dimenco displays.

These pictures were demonstrated on the glasses free Dimenco 52" 3D display.

You can see these 3D images later at various exhibition stands of the Kurchatov Institute. We're going to add some more photos to the collection!

You can also witness any of these at our office!