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«Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.»
A. Einstein

Case studies — Stereo photographs

«Space Illusions» is a set of 8 original collages created by our company’s designers and adapted for printing based on the stereo-vario technology.

For stereo-vario printing images are created in multiple (from 30 to 50) angles; they are then printed on pressboard with the use of the specialized bitmap technology.

As part of this project for our client, JSC Russian Space Systems, we created eight space-themed collages for demonstration at exhibition events:

  • Glonass-M satellite (120х70 cm);
  • Proton rocket's launch (120х70 cm);
  • Buran spacecraft (54х70 cm);
  • R1 and R5 missiles (54х70 cm);
  • First Earth satellite (54х70 cm);
  • Luna-3 station (54х70 cm);
  • Lunokhod-1 (54х70 cm);
  • Yuri Gagarin's portrait (54х70 cm).

During the Russian national exhibition, which took place in Paris in June 2010 as part of the France-Russia Year 2010 program, they became a one of the central pieces of not only the thematic section, dedicated to space exploration, but the whole exposition.

These stereo-vario collages have already travelled more than half the globe, and their journey is still in progress!

The story of this project does not end here…

This technology proved to be so interesting and impressed our customer so much that several months after the Paris exhibition, we adapted six collages for the 21х30 cm (A4) and 30х54 cm formats; printed collages were then placed into gift frames. Today many of these magnificent stereo-vario images adorn offices of JSC Russian Space Systems’ partners and clients.

In May 2011, as part of the «65th parallel» project, we made four stereo-vario collages in the form of greeting cards (10х15 cm), and created special gift packages to accompany them. As the result, we issued 1,500 copies!

For some reason we think that this is not the end of the space collages’ project. And we expect it to be continued!

Where can you see stereo-vario products in Russia

You can see examples of stereo-vario pictures in offices of companies that specialize in printing and manufacturing such products, including Stereograd’s office. And of course our office.