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«Imagination is more important than knowledge.»
A. Einstein

Case studies — Augmented reality (AR)

In March 2011, EligoVision designed MOESK, a new interactive project using augmented reality technology of «living 3D markers», for OJSC Moscow United Electric Grid Company.

The project was shown at the MOESK company’s exhibition stand during the forum Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the XXI Century held at Manezh Central Exhibition Hall on April 7–9, 2011.

This project is an example of using the augmented reality technology for simple demonstration of complex industrial facilities, particularly in energy industry.

It is also presented as an interactive web installation and is available for viewing and download at two sites:

3D content

The MOESK interactive 3D project is based on the demonstration of three detailed controllable models:

  • 3D model of the Moscow and Moscow region electrical substations map;
  • 3D model of a closed electrical substation;
  • 3D model of an open electrical substation.

Each of the three main markers is an interactive 3D model by controlling which the user can get additional information about the interior and exterior arrangement of the two types of substations:

  • open electrical substation — with the equipment located outside;
  • closed electrical substation — with the equipment located inside.

Besides, the project provides the opportunity to get detailed information about all the electrical substations, both operating and under construction, with the help of the interactive 3D Moscow and Moscow region map and get additional data regarding their capacity.

Program demonstration

You can immediately see and test this engaging project on your own computer if it is equipped with an integrated or external webcam.

For demonstration, please visit this page and follow our simple instructions.

Markers control rules

1. Map of electric substations in Moscow and Moscow Region

This «living 3D marker» is actually a set of 5 markers. The main marker controls the 3D map. You can rotate, tilt and move it in front of the webcam. Four other markers are auxiliary.

The map comprises 5 areas: Moscow City, North, South, West and East of the Moscow Region.

To activate one of the areas and view the arrangement and type of substations inside this area you should bring the required area to the MOESK logo in the center of the screen and hold it there for 5 seconds. The selected area will be zoomed in and you’ll see the electric substations on the map.

After that, you can add or remove substations marked with different colors. To do that, shortly bring to the web camera the auxiliary markers with green (substations with available connections), yellow (substations with limited connections), red (substations with no connections available) substations, and projected substations.

To view some additional information on the selected substation just approach the selected substation to the center of the screen so that it is fully aligned with the center of the MOESK logo.

For convenient navigation there is an additional window in the lower left corner of the screen where users can see the markers currently captured by the webcam.

To change the area or return to the map menu just remove the active area from the center of the screen and wait for 3 seconds.

2. Indoor electric substation

The second «living 3D marker» contains a detailed 3D model of a three-storey closed electrical substation. In order to see what is inside the electrical substation, you need to «remove» the floor levels one by one.

This is done by covering the marker for 1 or 2 seconds. Alternatively, the marker can be removed from the webcam for a short time. The floor images are opened one by one. This is a cyclic process, so after covering the marker for the 4th time, the user will get the initial image.

The closed electrical substation model was created using numerous photographs made at a real operating electrical substation in one of the Moscow regions.

The substation interior is represented with high precision. If you look closer, you can even see 3D models of employees on the upper floors.

For ease of navigation and control, in the left bottom corner of the monitor there is an additional window where the user can see both the marker and their own actions.

3. Open electrical substation

The third «living 3D marker» contains a detailed 3D model of an open electrical substation.

In this case, the model is static, while the marker acts as an interactive magnifying glass. The electrical substation can be viewed along the whole perimeter, and various zones can be zoomed in and out.

For using the zoom function, you need to rotate the marker clockwise or counter-clockwise. The zoom rate is easy to control and is shown in the horizontal scale just above the magnifying glass.

The open electrical substation model was also created using numerous photographs made at a real operating electrical substation in one of the Moscow regions.

All the major facilities of the open electric substation have legends. In addition, you can trace the conversion of electric energy, view the control devices, as well as distribution and auxiliary devices