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«Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new».
A. Einstein

Case studies — 3D presentations

On February 8, 2011 in Lotte Hotel Moscow a grand ceremony was held to mark the official start of sales of the new Hyundai Motor car created specifically for the Russian market — Hyundai Solaris sedan.

The event was attended by high-level officials, Hyundai Motor CIS representatives and Hyundai Motor Company President, Steve Yang. Also present at the ceremony was South Korea’s ambassador to Russia, Lee Youn-ho, who said a few kind words about the new car.

The event included a show program, which was hosted by the famous TV presenter Ivan Urgant, and an exquisite buffet. The show featured performances by famous Russian singers: Janna Friske, Valery Syutkin and others.

The show also included the «Hyundai Solaris» 3D presentation created by EligoVision specifically for the event.

3D content

«More than four billions years ago somewhere in the depths of the Universe a new star was born — the Sun, which brought other planets to life. From the beginning of time this source of heat and light was a symbol of happiness, internal force and victory. Everything related to the Sun never stops to amaze us. So is the new Solaris that takes its name from the Latin sol, which means «sun», will become a true star.»

(с) Hyundai Advertising Campaign

These words became the keynote of the 3D presentation that was designed as a journey into the depths of space to the previously unknown planet called Solaris. In the beginning of the 3D film show guests along with the Hyundai orbital space station make a hyperspatial jump into the unexplored galaxy, where one planet stands out among many others that surround viewers. The space station heads towards it amid numerous spacecrafts. At that moment a bright spiral flashes on the planet surface.

Little by little the planet moves away, and viewers see a blazing Sun wrapt in the aglow «crown» rising in the new galaxy. Once the fiery star comes to the fore, a bright beam of the supernova separates from it, rushes to the planet, turns around it, and transforms into the new Hyundai Solaris logo.

A new flash of light forms a tunnel in the middle of the starry sky, from which a new car flies out and moves with the speed of light to viewers. They can see the new Hyundai Solaris from every angle against the background of the endless space.

Upon completion of the project Hyundai Motor CIS representatives expressed an opinion that this technology can become one of the centrepieces of such events.

«To be honest working on this project was quite challenging because of the very tight deadline and a complex scenario. But at the same time it undoubtedly proved to be very effective. We hope that we will have a chance to work with Hyundai Motor CIS again and overcome the «impossible» once more,» said Valeriya Kholodkova, Marketing Director of EligoVision


The presentation included the following equipment:

  • graphics workstation equipped with a professional video card such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260;
  • SlRe64 13.1 operating system based on Linux Slackware 64 13.1
  • two stereoscopic screens with rear projection (3.0х4.0m);
  • two pairs of Panasonic PT-DZ12000 projectors with 12000 lumens of brightness and circular polarizing filters;
  • 160 pairs of stereoscopic glasses with circular polarizing filters for the audience.

Total duration of the 3D presentation is 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

Photo gallery

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