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«Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic».
A. C. Clark

Case studies — Augmented reality (AR)

In January 2011 EligoVision developed a new interactive 3D puzzle game for the NestLine communication agency. The game was named «3D LOGO» and used a number of «living 3D markers» of augmented reality.

This unique game was used at a corporate event hosted by one of NestLine’s customers, AstraZeneca.

The event took place in St. Petersburg on 18 January, 2011.


3D content

The heart of the game is the idea of a 3D puzzle. The players alternately move four different markers in front of the camera trying to assemble the company logo in 3D.

When the logo is assembled players are awarded with a special on-screen animation with the logo amazingly twisting in space, and letters flying into the screen making up the customer name.

The game really added a special thrill to the evening – guests had the opportunity to assemble a figure in 3D, not on a plain surface!

The markers had been programmed with a number of visually similar curved elements of the logo. At first it seemed impossible to make the logo out of them.

It looked as if some elements were missing. In fact players had to work hard rotating markers in every direction in order to put all parts together.

These visually similar elements can be placed in space in many different ways. This allows players to assemble a very complex figure out of them.

All in all we created 17 similarly looking markers each of them containing an image of a puzzle's element. Only five markers are «active»: four of them had been programmed with components of the 3D logo, the fifth one was the 3D logo itself. The other 12 markers are «empty». They were created to make the game more difficult.

Specifically for this event we used a small number of active markers in order to make the game not too difficult and time-consuming.


The project hardware is an interactive visual 3D solution, which includes:

  • interactive «living 3D markers» system: a camera, a set of markers, a graphics workstation equipped with a professional video card such as NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800;
  • autostereoscopic Philips WOWvx 3D display (42').