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«Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new».
A. Einstein

Case studies — Augmented reality (AR)

In August 2010 EligoVision designed a «living 3D marker» of augmented reality for a popular Russian magazine Hacker.

The «living 3D marker» named «The Tireless Robot!» was placed on the first page of the September issue of Hacker!

The heart of this project is the augmented reality system — «living 3D markers» by EligoVision. This project clearly shows how augmented reality can benefit the print media. The project is designed for a web installation and is available for viewing at two websites:

We can develop a «living 3D marker» specifically for your magazine featuring any content you wish to show.

3D content

«The Tireless robot!» is a funny and unusual animation of the Hacker logo. The «X» letter, which resembles a living robot, scans 3D symbols that fly in every direction, picks the right ones, assembles them and then returns back to its own place.

The result is the Hacker logo.

For the first time the «living 3D marker» – «The Tireless robot!» – can be viewed by both Windows and Linux users. The marker is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems!

Hacker is the first computer magazine in Russia to use «living 3D markers» by EligoVision. This project was also a debut for us as it was the first time we designed a «living 3D marker» for a computer magazine.

«The Tireless robot!» project by EligoVision clearly shows how brilliantly «living 3D markers» can work in print media.

Program demonstration

You can watch the original animation right now on your PC (please ensure a camera is connected to your computer).

In order to do this, click here and follow simple instructions.