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«Nothing is as easy as it looks».
Murphy’s law

Case studies — Virtual reality (VR)

The «Virtual Regatta» project is a demonstration 3D solution based on the 3D display. It is designed to demonstrate possibilities of the 3D Pointer by EligoVision.

3D content

The project software is a virtual interactive environment — a three-dimensional island surrounded by water.

The island area includes a 3D model of a yacht.

It is connected to a direct remote control based on optical tracking — 3D Pointer by EligoVision.

Our optical tracking technology tracks 3D Pointer’s position in real space using one camera and simultaneously displays it in the virtual world. The camera that reads the 3D Pointer’s position is placed on top.

The working interactive area of the 3D Pointer is several square meters in front of the 3D display. It can be significantly expanded with addition of one or several extra cameras.

This demo version of the system presentation allows controlling a yacht in the virtual world using the 3D Pointer. Direction and tilt angle of the 3D Pointer sets the speed and direction of the yacht’s movement.

In addition the presentation has separately programmed wind speed and direction, and water physics (the yacht reflects in the water and leaves a trail on the surface).

«Virtual Regatta» is a multi-user game application.  

The player’s goal is to bypass all buoys on the water surface and reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

3D Pointer by EligoVision allows controlling 3D objects in the virtual world at a distance from the display.

Its features and level of interaction with the 3D application can be expanded based on the presentation requirements.


The project hardware is an iteractive visual solution, which includes

  • interactive 3D Pointer system by EligoVision;
  • graphics workstation equipped with a professional video card such as NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800;
  • autostereoscopic Philips WOWvx display (42');
  • 3D display JVC (46') based on stereoscopic glasses with circular polarization.