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«Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.»
A. Einstein

Case studies — Virtual reality (VR)

In early April 2008 BAT Ukraine started a unique advertising campaign for Kent-Nanotek premium brand. The first event took place in Arena entertainment complex in Kiev.


The project was developed following renowned Nanotek brand style and looked as a big enigmatic black CUBE (3х3х3 m). EligoVision specialists put all necessary equipment inside the CUBE. It was the first installation of 3D projection system based on 3D Pointer by ELigoVision.  

After entering the big CUBE a participant found himself in a dark room with a projection screen (1.5x2 m) occupying the whole inner wall of the CUBE. After resting himself in a comfortable armchair and taking a 3D Pointer in hand, a participant starts a three-dimensional interactive «Kent-Nanotek» 3D presentation that lasts for about 10 minutes. Amazing stereoscopic effect, surround sound and the possibility to control the presentation made a strong impression even on the most sophisticated visitors.

The CUBE was equipped with a direct projection system based on short-focus projectors by Toshiba, a screen with silver sputtering by Screen-Tech, 5.1 stereo sound and interactive 3D Pointer by EligoVision.

In Kiev the «Kent-Nanotek» advertising campaign lasted for two weeks. After that the CUBE continued its triumphant march around many Ukrainian cities as part of a 30 days road show.