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«Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic».
A. C. Clark
  • About us — Our history

EligoVision (rus.: OOO «ЭлигоВижн») was incorporated in late 2005.

The company staff includes young employees, mostly graduated from MSU. Many of them have previously worked in western companies as professionals in the field of information technology and virtual reality. These are promising technologies which are getting increasingly popular across many industries: science, education, medicine, architecture, industry, and especially — in advertising and organizing trade shows. 

Our main assets include innovation solutions in the field of interactive 3D technology based on augmented and virtual reality systems.

Sergey Matveyev, Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, is the company CEO, its founder and the author of many innovative ideas. In 2001 he started to work at the Fraunhofer Institute of Media Communication (FhG), where he was engaged in the research work for five years and held a post of coordinator of the EU international projects in the field of virtual reality.

At the end of 2005, Sergei returned to Russia and in December 2005 EligoVision was incorporated.

Under his leadership, the company has been creating truly unique interactive 3D visualization systems over the past five years. They are based on the optical tracking technology, and glasses and glasses-free stereoscopic images.

Our achievements in 2005-2010

One of our early developments is a unique technology for generating dynamic autostereoscopic images based on glasses-free 3D displays — a «dynamic depth map». It allows controlling a 3D application in real time by specifying the dynamically changing distance to calculate the depth map, and retaining stereoscopic effect regardless of the depth of the scene. It still has no analogues in the world.

Our interactive wireless device — 3D Pointer — works on the base of this patented technology. This device is also a company invention. It allows a user to easily navigate the three-dimensional worlds even when he or she is far from the projection and display systems.

Another technological innovation of the company is our proprietary system of augmented reality — «living 3D markers». The marker technology finished and protected by the end of January 2010.

Our achievements in 2011

In early 2011 we presented EView — our new plug-in that allows viewing augmented reality applications on «living 3D markers» online directly in your browser.

In May 2011 we introduced AR Studio, our interactive augmented reality studio based on several mutually calibrated cameras. It gives a speaker or a presenter an unprecedented level of freedom in using new 3D visuals on the big stage.

In late spring 2011 the markerless augmented reality technology based on our «living 3D markers» was realized.

All innovative technologies are EligoVision «know-hows». Even now many Russian developments in the area of 3D content interaction systems exceed the level of Western counterparts. We remain strongly committed to the market, always keep pace with the world's leading developers and sometimes even take the lead.